Kristina, who trained in Vancouver as a BC esthetician, was born and raised in Europe. Her educational background and experience is in the medical profession.

Her work with patients in hospitals exposed her first hand to pain and suffering. Now, her interests are in making people feel and look their very best by pampering their body and spirit. What adds joy to her day are comments from her customers like: "Thank you so much for yesterday. My hands feet and soul thank you…" "Thank you for all your loving care throughout the year". Kristina upgrades her skills and continues to be at the forefront in the field of esthetics by attending seminars and trade shows and by reading industry publications. She maintains close contacts with doctors in the cosmetic industry for the added benefit of her clients.
Men, as well as women, are enjoying the benefits of the many Esthetic treatments that are available at the Renaissance Spa & Wellness Centre.


What Makes us Different

  • we have a greater invested interest in our clients' wellbeing
  • we care that a client will want to return to us for further services
  • our quality of work is superior to our competitors
  • it's a win/win situation between the client and the practitioner
  • we establish continuity of service
  • we offer a wider variety of services by networking with practitioners of different specialties
  • we are motivated to stay on top of the latest research in our areas of expertise and offer the latest information to our clients

The Space

Our bright and spacious treatment rooms are all set up with individual climate control systems. Each room is decorated by the practitioner to reflect her own personal style.

The practitioners

All of the estheticians working at the Renaissance Health Spa are dedicated professionals. They are self-employed practitioners who pride themselves in the quality of service that they offer. They believe in the importance of building a trusting, fulfilling, and enduring relationship between themselves and the client. They stay current of industry trends in order to offer the best treatment results possible.

Kristina has worked in the esthetics industry for 21 years. She loves her work and enjoys customizing the services to meet each client's needs.